Welcome to the World of Techsharks!

Terms & Conditions

1. Mention & tag @techsharksofficial and the brand in your captions, stories, reels, and other posts.

2. Create the required content within a week (7 days) after receiving the products.
3. Follow @techsharksofficial

4. Repost an Introductory Story collaboration with @techsharksofficial

5. In the case of special guidelines or instructions mentioned by the brand, the influencer needs to follow the instructions given by Techsharks while preparing the needful content.

6. In the case of emergency, if the influencer is not able to provide or prepare the content in the given time, Team Techsharks should be informed on prior basis. In this case, either we will go ahead with extending the timeline or returning of the product or the amount paid.

7. As the influencer is assigned to a particular project, Techsharks will be provide with detailed descriptions keeping in mind the area of the influencer’s expertise. (Should be strictly followed)

8. The content prepared for any project should be social media friendly and proper guidelines to be followed.

9. If you wish to abort the project or wish to discontinue with the project :-

(i) Pre delivery or pre-payment :- After accepting the project, you will have 12 hours to cancel. You will just need to inform the Team Techsharks regarding the cancellation and you’e good to go. No more formalities.

(ii) Post Delivery of the product :- The influencer is liable to return the product in the same condition as they received. You are also liable to bear the expense of the TOTAL SHIPMENT courier charges of the product (to and fro)

(iii) Post payment :- The influencer is required to return the total amount paid for the project.

In the case of both, Post delivery and Post payment, if you wish to abort the project then both of the above mentioned (ii) & (iii) conditions will be applied.

10. Techsharks holds the right to terminate the contract related to ANY PROJECT assigned in the case of any fraudulent activity noticed.

11. Techsharks holds the right to display your content and pictures for promotional & business related activities on their business platforms

12. Your account must be a "public account" at all times in order to keep up the contract & collaborations.

13. To know more about the Techfluencers T&c and policies, you may email us at :-